VoIP, TDM and Analogue

Call Recorder Apresa

The Vidicode Call Recorder Apresa is a Turn-key, Scalable Call Recording solution ideal for SMB organizations.

It is an affordable and professional Analogue, VoIP and/ or TDM recording system.

The Apresa can capture, store, retrieve and playback VoIP/SIP, TDM and Analogue telephone communication.

It delivers high quality recordings for a multitude of applications.

Apresa is also available as 'Software only' solution.



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Vidicode is designer and manufacturer of advanced communication products such as digital telephone recorders, digital audio recorders, professional answering equipment and network Fax Servers.

Call Recorder Pico received MKB 100% Proof 2012” award

Monday, 13 August 2012

The Call Recorder Pico received the “MKB 100% Proof 2012” award.MKB 100% Proof is awarded by the well known Dutch Magazine Winmag Pro and Baaz Magazine to...
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