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You will never miss an incoming call again, and the people calling you will have the certainty that their call is answered. The Voice Server Anuncio is a special kind of Voice Server. As the name gives away, it is in fact an announcer.

Voice Server Anuncio

The Anuncio will accept a call right away or after a short period of time, giving the telephone operator time to answer the call personally, play the announcement and put callers in a waiting queue. You will never have to miss an incoming telephone call again. The Anuncio will take care of all incoming telephone traffic. Each telephone number can have it’s own announcement. A time table allows for different announcements on various times of day or night.

The Anuncio is available in a desktop or 19" model:

• The VS Anuncio BRI 4 channels
• The VS Anuncio BRI 8 channels
• The VS Anuncio PRI 30 channels



Voice Server ISDN (English).pdf