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Return Merchandise Authorization or Return Material Authorization (RMA) is a procedure whereby the recipient of a Vidicode product arranges to return defective goods to have the product repaired or replaced.

The RMA procedure can only be started by dealers of Vidicode products.

If you have a problem with a Vidicode product, please contact your dealer. He will start the RMA procedure for you.
The RMA procedure is part of our quality improvement program. We hope you will assist us in improving our service.
We ask you to contact your dealer first to avoid situations in which a defective product is sent back to us unneccesarily.
Your dealer will be able to diagnose the problem and decide whether or not the product should be shipped back to Vidicode.

Note that the costs of shipping a defective product to Vidicode and back will have to be payed by the customer unless the product is defective on arrival (DOA) in which case Vidicode will pay all shipping costs.

If the defect occurs during the warranty, the costs of shipping to Vidicode will have to be payed by the customer. The costs of shipping the repaired or exchanged product back will be payed for by Vidicode.