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7 reasons for choosing Vidicode Products & Solutions

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Green Solutions

Using a Fax Server rather than a Fax machine generates a saving on energy costs of about 70%.

While on standby Vidicode Fax Servers use 5 to 9W, recording 8 to 12W, depending on the type

Typical fax machines have a power consumption of about 25W. The total power consumption of a typical PC and monitor is about 175W, while "sleeping" it consumes 3W.


VoIP, TDM and Analogue

Call Recorder Apresa

The Vidicode Call Recorder Apresa is a Turn-key, Scalable Call Recording solution ideal for SMB organizations.

It is an affordable and professional Analogue, VoIP and/ or TDM recording system.

The Apresa can capture, store, retrieve and playback VoIP/SIP, TDM and Analogue telephone communication.

It delivers high quality recordings for a multitude of applications.

Apresa is also available as 'Software only' solution.



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Vidicode has a range of products divided in four basic product groups. Call Recorders, Fax Servers, Voice servers and Voice recorders. Within these groups products may differ substantially.  Read all about mobile, desktop and 19" Call recorders. Find out more about Fax Servers for analogue lines, ISDN II and ISDN Primary rate. Get to know our Announcer and Voice Servers. And last but not least, find out why corporate life is a lot easier with a Voice Recorder.

Call Recorders

As the saying goes: ”A spoken word is like a moment in time, as quickly as it is said, it is forgotten". In many situations occurring in everyday business life, you do not want to forget what was said and by whom. As it is often hardly possible to make accurate notes during telephone conversations Call Recording is the ideal solution.

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Fax Servers

In our modern hi-tech society the good old fashioned Fax is still alive, although we would like it to be easier to work with. Digitalise all fax traffic, send faxes, record faxes, receive faxes in your e-mail box and most of all, keep them stored on hard disk, SD or Server, without having to print them all.Learn more...

Voice Servers

Are your telephone lines busy all day? Voice Servers will "pick up" every incoming call and handle it according to its characteristics. A Voice Server is connected between the public telephone network and the telephone system.Learn more...

Voice Recorders

This type of digital recorder is the perfect solution for recording meetings, dictations, radio communications and all other applications that require high quality voice recording.

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