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Call Recorder OygoVidicode's Oygo Call Recording solution uses the Emotion W880 and Jabra Pro™ headsets to record from desk phones and mobile phones (Jabra) and desk phones and soft phones (Emotion W880). Oygo automatically stores all recordings on your PC.

The software displays the recording archive as a list. The recording properties like date and time of the recording are stored with the actual recording and can be viewed in the archive. Recordings can be played back, e-mailed, exported or copied to other archives. Advanced searches can be made to find a specific (group of) recording(s) quickly or to get a clear picture of the amount of recordings. Archives can be combined in one database for supervisors or group managers. For security reasons recordings can be stored encrypted. It is also possible to protect recordings from unauthorized playback or deletion with a password.



Call centre use
This call recorder can be used in small businesses where one telephone line is connected, but it is also possible to use Oygo with every headset in a Call centre. For the use of Oygo in a Call centre an API can be installed through which Oygo and the Call Centre’s software can work together.

Record from desktop and mobile phone
Works with any desktop telephone
Automatic or manual recording


Software for easy access of the recordings
Advanced search on; Date, Time, Duration, Notes, Name and device Import and export of complete archives for backup purposes

Encryption of recordings
Password protection against unauthorized playback and deleting of recordings.
Easy distribution
Easy distribution of recordings via e-mail and USB stick.



  • Oygo Call Recording software can be installed on the following operating systems: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • Stores 180 hours of conversation per GB free disk space on the PC
  • Works with Emotion W880 and Jabra PRO™ headsets
  • Currently supports 10 languages
Article no. 070.01420: 1 user license
070.01422: 10 user licenses

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